Corrugated Boxes 

Falcon offers a virtually unlimited assortment of corrugated packaging materials to meet almost any need.  Falcon has the capability for custom printed and designed packaging.




Molded Pulp Packaging  

Falcon offers multiple options in Molded Pulp, which include 5×6 and 4×5 egg filler flats, 12 count, 18 count, and Twin 6 egg cartons.  We also have multiple options for Fruit Trays available.




Recycled PET

Falcon offers 100% Recycled PET 20 count and 30 count egg packaging.  We have multiple variations including fully printed applied labels, direct printed, and multiple color options for the bottom to help your product stand out from the competition.




 Tape and Stretch Wrap 

Falcon offers several options for Tape including machine and hand tape versions.  We also have several variations of stretch wrap to help protect your product during shipping.